Build your innovation supermind

Integrate data, customers and your employees across innovation projects to mesure and manage innovation performance, prove to investment executives and C-level executives. 

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Why intelligent innovation performance management

Innovation is not magic or an art. Successfull innovation requires a rigorous approach of running experiments, leveraging data, learn from evidence and make decisions based on insights.


Integrate Data and People

Break silos and integrate data, customers and your business units to make the right decisions faster.


Leverage Innovation Accounting

Apply innovation accounting metrics to measure and manage the performance of innovation for mastering uncertainty.

Build your Supermind

Gain unique insights from your innovation efforts and build your internal supermind. Be part of the intelligent enterprise.

Intelligent innovation accounting

Integrate diverse data from your operations, the market, your customer experience and business experts to measure and manage innovation based on evidence. vencortex AI allows you to build your personalized organizational system of intelligence.

O Data

Operational data are tangible records of tangible activities within and around your company such as sales data, CRM data, or machine data. This is typically called quantitative data.

X Data

Xperience data is data from your users. Their needs, emotions, desires goals and sentiments. Understanding this is required to discover and build solutions your customers will love.

I Data

Intuition data is the gift of the human mind, its creativity, ability to connect dots and imagination. This data is crucial to understand questions of why and what if.

How intelligent innovation accounting works

Making better decisions faster requires you to measure, predict and simulate the right metrics and learn from the insights generated.


Diagnosing: Getting new insights based on data

vencortex integrates heterogeneous and distributed innovation accounting signals to detect indicate wether an innovation has potential and generate new insights.


Simulation: Understand the impact of decisions

vencortex simulates potential decisions and their outcomes making uncertainty meaning.


Prediction: Assess future success powered by AI

Based on the diagnosis of the innovation, vencortex´s AI makes predictions about future success.


Decision: Make the best choices for your innovation performance

vencortex provides users with actionable guidance on innovation execution, investment and strategy decisions and trains personalized AI models to learn for the future.

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