Collective Intelligence combined with Artificial Intelligence

vencortex Hybrid Intelligence services combine the collective intelligence of your ecosystem with artificial intelligence and provide customized guidance for your decisions. For customers such as venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, business angels, corporate VCs, and corporate entrepreneurship.



Making smarter investment decisions based on our customized robo-advisory services and our startup prediction intelligence.



Merger & Acquisition

Find and evaluate possible targets, assess their fit to your own business and invest in the digital future.



Start-Up Development

Understand what your customers and stakeholders really want and make strategic moves guided by our decision support services. vencortex Hybrid Intelligence solutions revolutionize decision making in the field of new ventures.



Our services offer superhuman intelligence and provide you with the best decision support to predict the unpredictable.




Our services provide human understandable and transparent predictions and allow you to justify each decision to your shareholders and learn from the intuition of vencortex.



Openness & Control

Access our Hybrid Intelligence services through APIs or use our apps. vencortex allows you to build your own applications or integrate our services in your existing systems. Our costumers keep control and ownership on their data.


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