Manage your innovation performance.

vencortex is your performance management suite to measure, track and understand the performance of your innovation ecosystem at scale. From ideas to investments.

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The World´s #1 Innovation Performance Management Suite

Most innovations fail because they don´t find product market fit, a viable business model or are not learning fast enough. vencortex is an easy, data-driven way to manage the uncertainty associated with innovation. 

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Why you need to manage innovation performance?


Be smarter.

Successfull innovation requires experimentation and validation. Increasing the number of experiments dramatically increases your chances for success.


Be faster.

Stop relying on pure assumptions. Validate your hypotheses with customers and accelerate your speed of learning to increase your innovation ROI.


Be more successfull.

Innovation is changing the rules of the game involving extreme uncertainty. De-risk your decision based on data to reduce your risk of failure.

Industry leaders trust vencortex

Our customers love us! We are working with the most innovative industry leaders to manage their innovation performance. Read what they have to say below. 

vencortex offers a powerfull way to make business model innovation based on evidence and built an early acquisition pipeline.

Dr. Karl Popp

Senior Director M&A SAP

Innovation accounting is one of the most overlooked things for managing uncertainty. vencortex empowers our customers to find product-market fit faster.

Dr. Benedikt Höckmayr

CEO JOSEPHS Innovation Lab

Integrating customers into innovation is a central key to success. vencortex offers an easy solution to validate new ideas and ventures at scale.

Christian Hubmann

CEO bewegewas Open Innovation Partner

Make better decisions.Faster.

vencortex provides you a data-driven performance management platform for innovation projects and new ventures powered by hybrid intelligence.


AI Powered Experimentation and Validation

Use the right metrics and datapoints to manage your business model design, gain customer insights and build products users will love.


Intelligent Business Model Development

Integrate data, customer experience and feedback into building and scaling new ventures. Track your progress, measure the impact of your decisions and implement improvements at scale.


Data Driven Investment Decisions

Make investment decisions at different points in its innovation journey based on insights. Use the right metrics to make better decisions. Faster. 


Real time Portfolio Management

Manage the impact that your portfolio is having as a whole from buidling, partnering and investing to acquiring innovation.

Our Solutions

vencortex intelligent innovation performance management suite allows you to achieve superior results in many business applications that require innovation accounting.


Venture Building

Use innovation accounting based on customer and data insights to accelerate the development of new business models.


Due Diligence

De-risk your investment decisions based on innovation accounting instead of fantasy numbers.


Portfolio Management

Measure, track and manage your innovatioon portfolio in real-time to ensure that your innovation strategy is on track.

Our Applications

vencortex intelligent innovation performance management suite provides solutions for many innovation business applications.
From incubation to acquisition.



Guide your startups in their progress, monitor their performance and help them grow.


Corporate Innovation

Integrate customers, employees and data across your organization to measure and manage innovation performance at scale.


Manage your applications, organize your cohorts, track their progress and monitor your poprtfolio performance in real-time. 


Venture Capital

Automate your dealflow, de-risk your due diligence and manage your portfolio in real-time.


Venture Builder

Build products users love. Measure performance and accelerate learning to prove and get to market faster.



Build your early aquisition pipeline, de-risk due diligence and make data-driven decisions on things like valuations or PMI.

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